Jurassic Shark

A group of teens trying to expose an illegal oil drilling site get caught up with a group of criminals trying to steal a painting and a 16m long Megladon who has been released into a lake by the very oil drill the teens seek to expose.

Join us again for the second feature in what I shall now call Jurassic June (I’ll do Jurassic World when I see it, and then the other Jurassic Park films). After spotting this gem of a title whilst browsing dinosaur related films the other day, no force on earth was going to stop me watching it. Was it everything that its title promised? Not quite, but it gave it a good shot.

While Sharknado and Megashark can sleep easy in their beds as the kings of the modern shark b-movie subgenre, Jurassic Shark is another worthy edition. But what is interesting about JS (that’s an abbreviation for Jurassic Shark that I will be using from now on out of pure laziness) is that the most fun bits are those involving not the massive kar2ouche-esque beast shark as you’d expect, but the character interaction and reaction. You’ll come away from JS remembering how one crim mourns the death of his brother, or how Tia responds to finding a not dead but injured stranger.

Overall, it’s no Megapiranha but it’s only about an hour long and there are some moments of brilliance. Definitely worth a go for any modern shark b-movie fans.



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