Wild Tales

Wild tales is a six-part anthology tale of revenge and a modern society living on the edge of madness. This involves a story of road rage on a level that you have never seen, A wedding brought to its knees by a single secret, a fated plane journey, A drink driving accident that will pull apart a family, A single man’s plight against a fascist car towing company and A tale of a familiar face come to haunt a waitress.

What we have here is an absolutely brilliant and gripping social satire on the society we live in today. You know that thought you get sometimes like “what would happen if I just lost it?” no need to wonder anymore, this film will show you. Each of the plot twist are genuinely shocking and each of these shorter segments has enough ideas and intrigue to fuel an entire movie and yet Wild Tales has six of them. Each of them is about as developed and fleshed out as most movies are as well. It’s simply brilliant.

And the reason all of this works, all of the insane storylines and frankly unbelievable actions of the characters feel believable. No matter how crazy they get you still feel like you can relate to them. It all feels grounded and like it could happen to you maybe tomorrow. The performances are absolutely superb, taking these extremes of human nature and playing them as realistically as you could possibly imagine.

I also found that the order of the six stories was absolutely spot on, it takes you through the gutter of human reaction but you never lose sight of hope. I can’t tell you how it ends because that would spoil it all. But wow. Ok. That’s all I’m going to give you.

Overall, I quite simply loved Wild Tales. It’s incredible. It combines black (like really really black) humour with pointed social satire and genuine gripping action. Watch it. Right now.



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