Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

Britt Robertson is a bright young teenager full of optimism whose world is turned upside down when she finds a pin that would appear to transport her to another world. She then finds herself heralded as the earth’s last hope and joins forces with George Clooney and Raffey Cassidy in a plot to do a thing (I literally just watched this film but I still don’t actually know what their plan was).

There are some genuinely interesting and compelling ideas at the centre of Tomorrowland. It preaches that everyone should contribute a little to saving the world, and that optimism should always triumph over pessimism.  However this is all shrouded in a very oddly disengaging narrative. So while it should fill you with hope and a drive to do better instead you just turn all cynical because of all the plot-holes, lack of characterisation, clunky dialogue and whiplash inducing shifts in tone (goes from humorous fight scene in a vintage store to literal death of civilians in seconds).

It’s also a film that has no idea who it’s actually aimed at. Because the death toll would suggest it’s aimed at older teens, whereas the childlike wonder element would suggest it’s aimed at children, whereas starring George Clooney would suggest it’s aimed at adults. And it’s a 12A. Who did they make this for? I don’t know, the audiences don’t know and the people who made it don’t know.

But I reckon that Tomorrowland’s biggest flaw is trying to do so very much with its story, and in the process not actually having one. There is no beginning middle and end, instead there is just stuff. Some stuff happens and then some people say some things and then more stuff happens without it going anywhere. Only one character has any form of arc or personality. Britt Robertson goes from believing in humanity to believing in humanity. Hugh Laurie goes from being a bit evil to being a bit evil (why is he a bit evil? Fuck knows). Raffey Cassidy goes from being a robotic but kind of not, to actually being a robot but kind of not. At least George Clooney goes from being moody to being less moody.

But you know what despite the glaring flaws all over this movie, I still kind of respect it because not often enough do we see blockbusters based almost entirely on ideas rather than money. It’s just a shame that this year’s mainstream ideas based blockbusters have come in the form of this and Jupiter Ascending. But at the same time this all makes me angrier about it. Because when it inevitably flops at the box office just like Jupiter Ascending did and Transformers 5 won’t, people will go “see, people don’t want ideas people want stupid big loud noises”. Oh well.



One thought on “Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

  1. I was a little perplexed by this too – I was annoyed that the film didn’t really let you immerse yourself in the actual city of Tomorrowland that much, and I felt the start (with the dad in the family home) was really unnecessary and drawn out! I will share in a Review soon!

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