Moomins on the Riviera

The Moomins go on a sea adventure but become lost in a storm, eventually ending up at the classy Riviera where they unwittingly rent a room at the grand hotel. Little do they know that their every action will have a cost, both in terms of cash and relationships amongst themselves.

Based on the Finnish cartoon strip, the Moomins are a very different type of family movie to those of America and the UK. This is a much more gentle and quiet affair, without any of the quick-fire puns we are used to from films like SpongeBob and the LEGO Movie. While this isn’t a belly laugh affair, there is many a chuckle to be had.

The key feature and feeling of this movie is the overwhelming loveliness. It’s just such a fantastic calming watch, whatever your age I don’t think you can dislike this film. Whether it’s the charming voice acting (led by one Russell Tovey) or the simply beautiful animation. It’s a very loveable film.

Overall, I found Moomins on the Riviera utterly lovely and you will too. I recommend you watch this as the calming half to a double bill with Mad Max.



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