A group of friends just enjoying an evening on skype find themselves caught up in what appears to be the bloody and violent revenge of their dead friend. A year on from Laura Barns’ suicide her skype account begins to make threats on the lives of who used to be her closest friends, however throughout the course of her revenge it becomes clear that none of them were really friends in the first place.

I’m going to be straight up with you, Unfriended didn’t scare me. This isn’t me trying to be all macho and tough, I’m the first to admit that usually I’m pretty easily scared when it comes to horror. But Unfriended isn’t one of them. I was more interested in what it had to say about cyber-culture and friendship in general rather than actually being scared.

Having said that, I really enjoyed Unfriended. I went in not really expecting much more than a gimmick based teen horror. But it was a lot more. I really admire the balls of the filmmakers for doing their entire movie on a computer screen, they never bottle it and that is a pretty bold filmmaking move. Every performance here is a superbly realistic teenage character, that while you don’t necessarily like them all that much you are engaged enough in the narrative to still care what happens to them, also you aren’t really supposed to like them by the end.

Overall, very rarely does a horror movie this interesting and original turn up and you should really give it a try. I know it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but if you slip into the rhythm of it all I think you will be very satisfied.



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