Big Game

When Oskari (Onni Tommila) sets about upon his coming of age hunting expedition deep in the woods of Finland, hen unwittingly becomes a part of a dastardly plot to capture and eventually assassinate the President of the United States (Samuel L Jackson). The two of them must team up if they are to survive the hunt.

Big game is one of those movies you feel don’t really know who their film is aimed at. Because while the general plot and themes seem to have PG children’s action film written all over it, the language and violence used throughout is possibly 15 worthy. Leaving us with an odd 12A that’s too young for some, and too old for near everyone else. That said I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did.

There is a fun value to its ridiculousness that is almost infectious, unfortunately evrytime you feel like it might go into Spielberg-level grand adventure some plot-hole or wooden bit of dialogue jars and momentum has to be built up again. The individual set pieces are well thought out and can be pretty cool, it’s just the connecting moments I’m less sure of.

While all the posters say Samuel L Jackson is large writing, the real star of this film is Onni Tommila who grabs the screen every bit as much as his Hollywood co-star. The villains here also seem to be enjoying themselves enormously: Ray Stevenson as the bodyguard with a past gone rouge has that lovely mix of badass and “I’m too old for this” without ever explicitly saying it, and Mehmet Kurtulus appears to be having an absolute ball as the maniacal terrorist without a cause.

Overall then you don’t really need to go out of your way to find this, but if you do so happen to find yourself watching, you’ll probably enjoy it.



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