When a giant blood-sucking mosquito-esque beasty arrives on earth due to the increased co2 omissions killing whoever gets in its way, Del a government agent who loses his soon to be wife to this monstrosity must team up with Dr Kempler to try and stop its rampage. However it soon becomes clear that perhaps Dr Kempler is not as innocent as he first appears.

Insectula’s greatest success is its tone. Striking the perfect balance between parody and heartfelt send-up of the 50’s sci-fi horror b-movie genre. Insectula is a film made by people who clearly love these kinds of movies and it shows through. It contains every trope and every cliché, the performances are fantastically wooden and the soundtrack is spot on.

My one niggle is that the monsters are nearly always done with cgi, and while it may be more time-consuming to physically create the monster. I feel some proper Them-style papier mache giant insects would complete this movie. But nonetheless it didn’t take me out of my viewing enjoyment so I’ll let it slide.

In terms of performances it is always difficult with a b-movie to know if the performances are knowingly wooden and awful, or if they are just rubbish. Sometimes it’s probably both. In any case special commandment must go out for Harrison Matthews’ Dr Kempler, a performance that manages to meld all of the best mad scientist clichés with an accent that occasionally remembers it’s meant to be German.

I really think you should check this out, even if you aren’t familiar particularly with the kinds of movies this is based on there are enough laughs to make it worth your while anyway.



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