Avengers: Age of Ultron

After the most recent mission of the Avengers results in a near casualty Stark decides to create a sort of bodyguard system for earth, so that when the team can’t be there humanity will still be safe. However things go horribly wrong when the AI system decides that it actually would rather destroy the population of the earth in an attempt to populate it instead with more advanced beings such as itself.

A question that very early on arose about this film was “will they bother to introduce characters all over again, or will they just assume viewers have already seen the rest of the marvel films?” well they definitely rooted for the latter. If you are planning on watching this as your first marvel movie I wouldn’t recommend it because honestly there are about 12 main characters and it is just assumed that you already know both how they are and what they are like, so if you haven’t seen any of the others I can see you getting lost quite easily.

Before I get to everything I liked about the movie (and there is loads) I’m going to go through my niggles. The language. Now it’s not that I have a problem with swearing – I don’t – and it’s also not that I didn’t find it funny when it was used – I did find it funny – it’s that if I were a parent, I’m not sure I would want my child of 10 or so years watching this because of that. Maybe that’s just me, but I did notice that the language had stepped up a notch from the last film. I just didn’t think it was necessary.

Ok now for the good stuff. It’s genuinely very funny. Like Avengers Assemble had quite a few laughs in it, but this definitely doubles that and then some. People called Guardians of the Galaxy the comedy of the Marvel family, but I laughed far more in Age of Ultron. I think if you have almost grown up with these movies as I have watching these characters that you know so well, having this brilliant chemistry and just bouncing off each other is purely joyous to watch. James Spader’s cold calculating genius supervillain Ultron also has some brilliant one-liners.

In terms of all out action, I’d also say that Age of Ultron delivers more than any of the other Marvel films have. Whether it be the opening breath-taking action set-piece watching the Avengers at their peak as a team, including possibly the best shot in the whole film (you know that bit where they all jump in the air), or the intense final showdown in a picturesque Russian town. Having not been the biggest fan of 3D in the past (I don’t think generally it adds anything and is far too expensive) the first sequence actually utilised it rather well. Having said that throughout the rest of the film it didn’t really do anything.

Overall, this is clearly Marvel’s greatest outing yet. It takes things that were good about the first film and makes them brilliant. If you like your massive budget superhero blockbusters smart, funny and breath-taking look no further. Obviously it doesn’t pack the intellectual punch involved with say the Dark Knight, but compared to other movies that have made as much money as this surely will (Transformers, Avatar I’m looking at you) it is one of the brightest. I heartily recommend this.



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