The Salvation

When A Danish immigrant (Mads Mikkelsen) kills his family’s murderers, he unwittingly finds himself entangled with a notorious local gang. When the townspeople who he thought to be his friends betray him, he must hunt down their leader to stay alive.

What The Salvation is, is a classic case of a familiar story told very well. A cynical view would be that it plays out like a run through every western movie trope that the filmmakers could think of, I like to see it more as a loving nod of the head to those films of old. We are on well-trodden ground, but it’s stylish and imaginative enough to separate itself from the bulk of modern westerns.

Similar actually to John Wick, it kind of feels like the kind of movie that scraped into a 15 rating. With heaps of bloody violence and some really tough scenes of sexual harassment that lead to rape off camera. Which brings up the question of what exactly the bbfc deem 18 worthy. What is it exactly about Fifty Shades of Grey that makes it that much worse than this?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Salvation. Importantly while it borrows tropes from a countless number of films, tonally it stays exactly the same and feels like its own film. If you are a fan of the western genre or just the Thriller genre, this is a film for you.



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