Avengers Assemble

When Thor’s evil brother Loki steals the tesseract with intentions of bringing about a huge scale alien invasion of earth, the greatest heroes of this world must team up to defeat him.

With the sequel less than a week away now, what better time to revisit 2012’s highest grossing movie, and the third highest grossing movie of all time. This is by quite some distance Marvel’s most successful outing yet. And while it is clearly not the third best film to have ever been made, it’s easy to see why so many people went to watch it.

It’s actually very difficult to pull off this kind of multi-superhero film. Just look at Spiderman 3. But I find that The Avengers’ greatest success is managing to give each of its stars enough limelight to ensure nobody looks like an afterthought. Even the possibly lesser superheroes like Hawkeye get their bit. And it also never feels long, which is an achievement not to be overlooked for a two hour plus film.

Every actor involved in this movie is clearly having an absolute blast, whether it be Robert Downey Jr as the fast talking Iron Man or Chris Hemsworth as the brash otherworldly Thor. But actually the winning performance in this film is Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, who brings more Bruce Banner to the role than anyone has before him.

There are a few problems with the film, I actually found that for all his snarling upper-class evil Loki wasn’t that brilliant a villain. Because he just doesn’t have a threatening enough physicality, and neither seems quite unhinged enough to take on the entire Avengers team. But maybe that’s just me.

Overall, this is probably the best Marvel outing. It contains the perfect mix of humour, action and heart to make a very well rounded superhero film. Fun for everyone. I greatly look forward to Age of Ultron.



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