Fast & Furious 7

The old team is forced to reunite when the brother of an old enemy (Jason Statham) attempts to pick them off one by one. They then get caught up in a war over the possession of a frightening new piece of technology.

By this point everybody knows what to expect from a new Fast & Furious release: that it will be bigger, louder, and more ridiculous than ever before. 7 delivers on all of these bases and then some. And what it lacks in any form of real plot or storyline, it makes up for with sheer cinematic spectacle and outrageous set-pieces.

It is also important to note that the creators of Furious 7 know exactly what they are doing. They have aimed this film directly at the market of teenage boys and have hit the mark exactly. Every scene in this film is just appealing more and more to the stereotypical 14 year old male mind. It has gratuitous female body parts, it has long panning shots of pretty cars, and it has massive explosions.

There are problems with the film. I personally thought it was actually a little slow paced, and it could have probably lost about 20 minutes of its run time from the shots of cityscapes to dance music, and of course the completely unnecessary scenes of scantily clad women. At times the plotting is so thin that it actually becomes difficult to follow, and there are certain plot lines that don’t add up or aren’t explained.

Having said that this is definitely the best of the Fast & Furious movies. And all of its bagginess and uncomfortable misogyny is almost wiped completely from the mind by the pure adrenaline involved in some of the set pieces. The scene in which they storm the mountain pass in particular is just pure cinema. And say what you like about Paul Walker’s acting ability, it cannot be denied he was born to play this role. In fact every actor involved in this movie is completely believable and fantastically watchable. Jason Statham plays a more sinister role that perhaps we are accustomed to watching, and is genuinely threatening and will remain in the memory far longer than villains from the other movies. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are both brilliant as per. But I’d like to make a special shout to Michelle Rodriguez who plays a character with genuine emotional unrest, and is also in what I think is the best fist fight from the whole film with Ronda Rousey. Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris provide the comic relief with brio.

Overall, while I completely disagree with the level of sexualisation involved in what is a 12 rated film, it cannot be denied that Furious 7 takes you for a ride. And without spoiling anything, what an ending. I never thought I would be taken with the sentimentality and subtlety of a Fast & Furious movie.



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