Get Hard

Will Ferrell is a millionaire businessman who is accused of committing fraud and is bound for San Quentin prison. Scared by the notion of being homosexually raped he consorts Kevin Hart to help him prepare for prison survival.

Now, already you are probably feeling a little uncomfortable just about the plot to Get Hard. Let alone the continual racist, homophobic and sometimes sexist assault that is watching it. I feel uneasy calling this a movie, because honestly that is unfair to everything else in cinemas at the moment.

But first let’s start with what’s good about it. There is one funny joke. Whether it’s actually funny or I just laughed due to the sheer difference between these five seconds and the rest of the oppressive mess is unclear. But I did laugh once.

Ok, now for the bad. If later in 2015 you see a more offensive piece of work than Get Hard you can count yourself one of the least fortunate people to exist on this planet. I plays out like this detestable porridge of homophobia, thick with patches of horrible racism and the occasional crouton of misogyny. Even if it was funny in parts the sheer offensiveness of the material would be unforgivable, but it really isn’t. Even if it wasn’t as cripplingly hateable it would still be an awful movie experience because it is so unfunny.

You know how I told you not to watch Unfinished Business? Well now you have a reason. To escape Get Hard. Why such a horrendous decision would ever come up I don’t know. But honestly do whatever you can to avoid this film. Fake an illness, break your leg, fly to Argentina. Do anything.



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