Liam Neeson is a gruff air warden with a past and an alcohol problem, who whilst on a flight between America and England starts getting texts messages on his special air warden phone telling him that every twenty minutes someone will die, unless money is put into an account.

“Isn’t this just the normal Liam Neeson action movie fare only on a plane?” I hear you ask. Well, um yes. That’s exactly what this is. However it’s not nearly as god awful as some of his others are – Taken 3 I am looking at you – I would definitely put this in the upper portion of what is now almost his very own sub-genre.

Before you embark upon viewing this you need to be aware that it is absolutely ridiculous. In terms of plots, they don’t come much sillier than this (Ok let’s just put Jupiter Ascending to one side for the moment). However I found that for the most part the silliness didn’t affect my enjoyment. Towards the end when it starts to move into the realms of not just silly but plain stupid it becomes a little distracting, but up until that point it’s a genuinely tense and fun movie.

One of the genuinely surprising parts of Non-Stop is the kind of talent it possesses in its supporting cast: Julianne Moore, Scoot McNairy, Bruce Wayne’s dad from Batman Begins and Lupita Nyong’o – yes that’s right Lupita friggin Nyong’o – all appear as passengers on the plane in question. But at the heart of Non-Stop is Liam Neeson, who gives more than just the gravelly voice and punching that would be required in this role. His brings meat to this performance and genuinely makes you believe his character has depth.

Overall, when the film works it is a tense and fun Action Thriller that you can quite easily sit back and enjoy. It is at times irritatingly ridiculous, but this is irregular enough not to be a big problem.



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