Wild Card

Jason Statham is a gambling hard-man with dreams of leaving Las Vegas and living in Corsica, however these dreams are put in jeopardy when he helps and old friend get her revenge.

This is one of those films where the poster is literally the film. Jason Statham doing cool shit. Now honestly I am a fan of Jason Statham, I think he is a very commanding screen presence and is a better actor than people give him credit for. However, if he continues just to churn out these sub-transporter hard-man movies it will do his career no good at all.

It’s actually a really weird film to watch, because the whole film feels like a build-up, right to the end. There isn’t really a climax and over the course of the 92 minutes, very little actually happens. I mean yes there are a few fight scenes and a bit of gambling, but most of the film is just Jason Statham talking. So really it comes down to whether or not you like Statham, if you do you’ll like this film. If you don’t, you’ll probably hate it.

There are nice sequences in the film. All of the fight scenes fit into the category of “Not-quite-transporter-but-still-pretty-cool” and the blackjack scenes are arguably equally intense. And I rather liked how, whilst it showed lots of Las Vegas and the gambling it never glorified them, and portrayed quite a harrowing and painful depiction of an addiction.

Overall, this is an extremely muddled movie made up of subplots, rather than one real plot. But amongst the mess there are some good set pieces and a very charismatic lead performance from Jason Statham.



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