Unfinished Business

Vince Vaughn is a Business man who feels he doesn’t get enough recognition for his work from Sienna Miller – his boss – so he decides to create his own company. He teams up with Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco, and they go and do stuff on a trip.

What Unfinished Business is, is 91 minutes of my life I can never get back. This is Vince Vaughn’s worst ever opening weekend at the box office, and it isn’t hard to see why. It is completely without merit. The whole movie hinges around the theory that nudity is just plain hilarious. Unfinished Business is one of those rare comedies that doesn’t actually have any jokes, it has “comical” situations. Such as a person having the second name Pancake, or an old person doing drugs, or a man wearing jogging bottoms intended for a female. As you may have guessed I didn’t laugh, there just isn’t anything to laugh at. It’s about as funny as blowing your nose into sandpaper.

However, Unfinished Business is not just a rubbish comedy, it also tries its hand at heart-warming family drama. And to be honest this part might be even worse. It ladles on this horrid pseudo sentimentality by the bucket load, its effect is the closest a movie can get to actually causing you to throw up. The creators have got a mind-map and decided they would make the Hangover, only with mushy sentimental bits. The effect is just the most soul-crushingly awful experience I have had at the cinema for a long time.

So, is there anything good at all? Well, now you mention it, there is this one bit where Vince Vaughn put his head in some water, and he wasn’t talking, there wasn’t any schmaltz and it was just a nice breath of fresh air. Other than that there is nothing about this movie that I liked.

It’s not even a film that has a crap idea, but has really gone for it. It’s a film that has a bad idea and it can’t even be bothered to do that properly. It is lazy and lacklustre in the extreme. The score is lazy, it is shot lazily and it is edited lazily.

Don’t go to see this. Seriously, just don’t do it.



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