Texas Chainsaw 3D

In this sort of remake of the 1974 classic horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a young girl finds out that her grandmother has died and so must travel to Texas to sign some paper or something. When she and her friends get there they are set upon by a masked madman wielding a chainsaw.

While the central plot on paper would appear different to the original. It is a remake in that it rehashes all of the same scares and set pieces, only this time technically better shot and with 3D chainsaw bits.

So you’d have thought it would be just as scary right? All the same scenes, most of the same score. Well it’s not. It’s really not. In that the Original is absolutely terrifying, where this version has some jumps but really isn’t scary at all. So why isn’t it scary? It’s the characters. You just don’t connect with them at all, their dialogue is unrealistic and awkward and they just don’t seem or react like real people. So when they are in danger you feel absolutely nothing. I also think that the change in visual quality negatively affects the movie. Where in the 1974 film the fact that it’s grainy and you can’t always see what is happening actually adds to the feeling of never-ending suspense. You genuinely don’t know what is happening, or why it’s happening. Whereas in this version, you can see exactly what is happening and they even give reasons as to why it’s happening.

There are a few jumps. But this comes mainly from loud noises, rather than any form of suspense. The gore is completely unnecessary, in the original there is hardly any blood because you don’t need it. It’s all about what you don’t see, what you don’t know. Texas Chainsaw 3D seems to think horror comes from what you see and know.

Overall, it’s not absolutely awful (although it gets quite close at times). But you really don’t need to see this, just watch the original.



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