After a global warming experiment goes horribly wrong leaving the world in ice, all the Earth’s survivors exist solely on one train, that travels around the planet once every year. On this train we find that a strictly regimented class system is in place.

Snowpiercer is one of those rare gems of films that you have kind of heard about but know absolutely nothing about. I went in knowing that it was vaguely sci-fiey and Tilda Swinton is dead good in it. Both of those are true, once more it’s really really good.

At the heart of Snowpiercer we have a tale of class war. We have a beautifully constructed satire on a capitalist state, which has a lot in common with 1984. What the film follows is one member of the working class (Chris Evans) leading a rebellion across the whole train to try and seize control of the engines. It goes through this incredibly stylish action/thriller with a number of absolutely breath-taking set-pieces along the train.

It also has a fantastically star-studded cast, and everybody puts in a fantastic shift here. Especially Tilda Swinton, who essentially steals the show here. She brings a really fascinating edge to what could have become just a gimmick. Chris Evans continues to prove that he is a very decent leading man, and Jamie Bell is fantastic as always.

On the downside, I did feel that in the last say twenty minutes the film started to lack some coherency. Some things happen that don’t really make sense and are never explained, and it gets generally a little muddled. However I think the rest of the movie was so note-perfect it didn’t really affect my enjoyment all that much.

Overall, you really should give this a watch. It’s definitely one of the most interesting sci-fi movies to come out in the last few years, and it does deal with some important issues, like class and global warming. On top of that it’s a really brilliant action thriller.



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