Penguins of Madagascar

The Penguins off those Madagascar films are back, and this time they unwittingly find out that they have an arch nemesis they had no idea existed. Dave the Octopus (John Malkovich) is out to seek his revenge against all of penguin kind, for replacing him in all of the zoos he inhabited leaving him useless and alone.

Everyone knew that the best parts of the Madagascar movies were the penguins and King Julien. It will come as no surprise to many then that this is possibly my favourite one. It’s certainly the funniest.

Yes, the plot is all over the place. Yes, it doesn’t always make sense. But you know what, it’s funny enough that it didn’t matter. Actually in terms of plot it feels quite similar to Madagascar 3 (which was genuinely insane), but the difference here is that, Penguins is much more consistently hilarious than Madagascar 3 was. I thought I would chuckle quite a lot going into this, I was not expecting at one point to be laughing so much I actually missed the next joke in the film. There are reoccurring jokes throughout the film that got me every time, the slapstick bits got me every time and I guess what I’m saying is that it was really funny.

There was only one point in which I was taken slightly out of my immersion, was when we first get to see the north wind team, in which there is a little bit of stereotyping, and it feels a little like the writers were forced to include a female and didn’t really write her in. But I think really that is my only qualm.

Overall, if you watch this and you can honestly say to yourself that you didn’t enjoy it, I would be intensely surprised. Sure you could probably point out flaws and endless plot holes, but I genuinely think that you really can’t not get swept away with it.



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