A lone Samurai sells his fighting services to two sides of a violently divided village in order to maximise his profits.

Essentially this is a Clint Eastwood movie, only with samurai. Only I might point out that Yojimbo actually predates all of the Clint Eastwood westerns, so really they are Akira Kurosawa movies only set in america. The central character is one we root for, but know deep down he’s not exactly moral. But he’s just so god damn cool. Here Toshiro Mifune rivals Clint Eastwood for plain badassery, and not really giving a monkey’s about anyone. It’s filmed in much the same style as the famous seven samurai, but it has a slightly grittier edge. It really does have the same feel as a spaghetti western, I just can’t see why it’s not as popular… wait, yes I can, it’s because it has subtitles.

Overall, if you have nothing against subtitles (you really shouldn’t have anything against them) this is just as good if not better than most of the spaghetti westerns, it’s certainly shorter than some of the Clint Eastwood movies. I would highly recommend this to any film fan.



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