Big Hero 6

A child genius is mis-using his talents in the practice of illegal robot duelling, until he is inspired to join a university. To do this he must invent something dead cool so the professor notices him and lets him in, after this stuff starts to go wrong, and there’s a guy in a mask and an inflatable guy and a whole host of humans being overshadowed by robots.

There are a lot of things to like about Big Hero 6, but there are equal amounts of things that are kind of meh. Essentially, everything that involves robots or robotics or science is great. It’s the humans that are the problem. They just aren’t interesting or funny enough. And you don’t really get to relate to them, or know them very much.

This doesn’t stop the film from being quite a lot of fun though, and Baymax does come with a few laughs. It rattles along with its set-pieces and countless upgrading of sciencey stuff scenes. It’s also a film that doesn’t portray clever people are ugly goggle wearing friendless dudes, and that alone deserves praise.

Overall, it is certainly fun to watch, but I doubt much of it will stay with you all that long. Although maybe Baymax will. It’s certainly not as good as the LEGO Movie. (I’m still sore about its omission from the Oscars).



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