The Wolverine

Set 12 years after X-men 3, with Logan (Wolverine) feeling all depressed because he had to kill Gene. He then gets a message from a guy he saved the life of in the second world war, asking to say goodbye one last time from the deathbed.

What we have here is a very ordinary superhero film, elevated to a good one by one scene. This scene of which I speak is of course the Train scene, which is genuinely exhilarating and heart-pounding. The rest of the film is fine, it looks quite nice although during the running scenes the camera work tends to get a little too shaky for my liking.

Hugh Jackman has now played Wolverine in all but one of the X-men films, and he could do it in his sleep if he wanted. It is then a great credit to him that he puts his all into it. And he really does. Another part of this film that I was pleased with is that, most Hollywood films set in Japan would have the Japanese characters speak to each other in English, so the audience doesn’t have to read subtitles, but The Wolverine actually has them speaking Japanese, which while it should be a given, is actually a big plus.

Overall, if you are a big X-men fan you will enjoy this, and generally if you are a superhero film fan you will enjoy this. If you don’t generally like the comic book films, unless they are something special (the Dark Knight series) don’t feel you need to see this, it’s not special other than one breath-taking sequence.



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