Dead Snow 2

The lone survivor from the first Dead Snow is chased by Herzog and his nazi followers, but he manages to escape only to crash into a snow drift then wake up in a hospital with Herzog’s recently detached arm surgically attached to his own body, in place of the one he lost in Dead Snow. What commences is an incredible gory and often extremely funny battle between Herzog and Martin + the Zombie squad from America.

Essentially, what they have tried to do with Dead Snow 2 is replicate the oddball humour and excessive gore of the first film, but double it. And you know what they do this. It is very funny pretty much throughout, and the gore most certainly has been doubled. I feel like this one moves further into parody away from actual horror, as far less of the scenes are effective in a horror sense. But it is funny enough to compensate.

However, I do have one problem with the film, in the form of an annoyingly stereotypical gay character. It’s not that he was massively offensive, it was just kind of irritating that they decided to have him throw in a stereotypical way, and run in a stereotypical way and have stereotypical tastes. Where most of the film is quite adventurous really in daring the audience to sit through this much gore, and making them read subtitles in a comedy (and as the film is pretty much split half way between Norwegian and English, no matter what your mother tongue is you will have to use subtitles) which is quite uncommon, it just seemed like a really cheap way of trying to get laughs. I was disappointed more than offended.

Overall though, this is definitely equal to if not better than the first in most departments. And on the whole it is just so knowingly over the top, you can’t help but love it.



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