Dark Skies

An American family starts to experience some ever-escalating creepy goings on in and around their house, and they soon discover a mysterious possibly other-worldly force is out to get them.

What we have here is essentially the standard middle class American family is haunted horror film, but with a slight twist, in that it is an alien doing the haunting. Does it play out any differently because of this? Not really no. So it’s not going to win you over with originality. So, then the question is how well is it carried out? Pretty well actually.

The jumps were infrequent and effective enough to catch the viewer off guard, it is also genuinely suspenseful throughout. As with every horror film, it falls a little flat in the latter part of the movie where we actually see the alien fellow. But the film makers manage to hold this off for long enough that it doesn’t matter all that much.

Actually the most effective moments in the movie are not the shocks, but the creepy family members being possessed bits. It’s also pretty immersive, and at only one point did I feel the film had slipped too far into the formulaic category, which was during J.K Simmons’ brief part as the horror standard role of the dr/spiritualist/priest/nun/science dude exposition character which feels a little too like you’ve seen it all before.

Overall, Dark Skies is not a must-see. But if you are looking for a solid fun horror movie, with some strong creepy moments and a few shocks this ticks all the boxes.



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