In the royal family of Denmark a princess is born with the power to control and create ice and snow. Various events including the death of the parents, some misguided snow and a family of rock troll things lead to this princess (Elsa) shutting out her sister (Anna) and the world, until the day she is due to be coroneted.

This is the film everyone has been raving about, and singing one specific song from. And it’s not hard to see why. Just from a visual perspective it is pretty breath-taking in parts and the cinematography (If it counts as cinematography in an animated picture) is fantastic. And the story line is a completely involving and engrossing one. You really care about the characters, and there is one scene in which everyone is left shocked and feeling emotionally let down, which goes a long way to showing how invested an audience gets in this film.

It’s also not hard to see why people are all singing that one song. I mean it’s not that the others are bad songs, they aren’t (Although I’ve never understood the significance really of the ice song, I mean I suppose it’s sort of an origins bit for Sven and Kristoff, but I’m just not sure what it adds), actually I really like the songs of this movie. But “Let it go” is catchy on a whole new level. You will be singing this either out loud or in your head for a minimum of seven years after watching.

I also enjoyed how it was mostly different in storyline to the usual Disney film, it often presents the viewer with a well-known trope, but puts a spin on it, keeping interest right to the end, as where usually in a Disney film, no matter how well crafted, you always kind of knew how it was going to end. But in Frozen the slight twists mean that the plot-line-security is all gone, making this I would say one of, if not the, most gripping Disney productions.

Overall, I went into this actually quite sceptically. I had seen the trailers and they had grossly under-sold it. I didn’t expect something as well-crafted as it was. I didn’t expect to laugh as much at the snowman who appears to be perpetually stoned as I did. I didn’t expect to physically gasp in shock at horror. But I’ve not often been more pleasantly surprised with the outcome of a film as I was with Frozen. It deserves the hype.



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