Pudsey the Dog: The Movie

Pudsey the dog (that dancing dog off Britain’s got talent) is a stray dog that is voiced by David Walliams and is generally being a dog, but then he is in the removal van of a family who are moving to the countryside that is about to be destroyed by a dead inside John Sessions.

I’m going to be up front with you. This film is atrocious. Most bad movies are bad in certain specific areas, and then ok or even good in others. But this movie, good lord this movie, this movie is bad in every single area I can think of. Its shot like a cheap TV advert, acted out worse than in a cheap TV advert and honestly I cannot remember such abysmal dialogue in film. Throughout the movie I mostly just felt sorry for the poor actors that had been roped into this project, my heart goes out to Jessica Hynes and John Sessions. But David Walliams actually fits in quite well.

While never destined for greatness, a film about Pudsey the Dog off Britain’s got Talent could and should have been a fun kid’s movie in the mould of Beethoven or Paddington, or really anything else. And some of the jokes should have worked, a pig that thinks he is a chicken and in trying to lay an egg doing a poo, should be funny, but it’s just carried out so poorly.

Just don’t watch it. Not on a whim, not because you have children, not because you are a children, don’t do it. Whatever reason you have is not good enough.



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