Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez returns to the found footage sub-genre, for a film about a group of teenagers making a film in some woods and getting lost in the process, only this time we get to see the beastie! “But wasn’t the whole point of the Blair Witch Project that you didn’t see the thing?” I hear you ask, well yes. That was the whole point. It was also one of the reasons as to why it was so damn scary. And scary, this is not.

Exists, is actually different to Blair Witch in a catalogue of ways: There are five teen friends not 3, there is a cabin at the beginning not the end and this time they are going to post their video on YouTube – which didn’t exist in 1999 – but on a serious note, this is the creator of Blair Witch ripping off Blair Witch, so don’t go into this expecting anything that vaguely resembles new.

Really, apart from the dialogue there isn’t anything awful here, it’s just not very good. It’s not even close to the so-bad-its-funny zone of film, and it’s nothing like as atrocious as Ouija. But honestly I can’t see any reason for you to watch this, the suspense is so low they have the monster on the front cover, and it is mentioned about 3 minutes into the film. If you have never seen any type of horror movie ever before, you might enjoy this I suppose.



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