The Woman in Black

If we are talking about plot, the filmmakers may claim, it’s about a father son relationship or something, but really we all know it can be surmised as: Daniel Radcliffe walks around a house and gets the shit scared out of him.

With the sequel on its way very shortly, I thought that there is no better time to revisit the original. Important more in terms of the furthering of Daniel Radcliffe’s career (his first post-potter outing) than as an actual film. People would have flocked to see whatever film Dan decided to do first. It just so happens that the Woman in Black is an enjoyable, if not spectacular, horror film.

So there is nothing new in the Woman in Black. It is full of age old horror film standard set pieces. But it performs them very well, and while there is minimal lasting menace from the movie, during its runtime there are certainly some jumps and shrieks to be had. Dan shows that he is more than just Harry Potter, and again while he was not spectacular, he delivered a very solid performance as the man getting haunted by the titular ghoul. Also fun in the Woman in Black, are the village folk’s “you’re not from round here” scenes, harking back to the Wicker Man.

Visually it can be breath-taking, as some of the scenery is truly beautiful. It is shot very nicely and the score does well within the modern horror quiet-to-loud-violin-noises mould. The makeup team all do very well with the actual woman. And in general everyone involved in the movie does a good job.

Overall, this is a very solid horror movie. With each element being done well, if not incredibly. It’s not a classic, but it’s good fun if you’re looking for some jumps and Daniel Radcliffe.



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