After the death of his girlfriend Daniel Radcliffe is suspected of her murder. Plagued by local news and paparazzi he is made out to be the devil by the locals, gradually he feels himself living up to their views of him.

One of the most difficult things with this film, was how to assign a genre to it. Is it a horror? Not really. Is it a whodunit? Not really. Is it a psychological thriller? Not really. It has all of those elements, with added parts dark comedy, satire and romance, this is a hard film to categorise. But the real question here is does it all work? Well, yes and no.

The elements of this film that work the best, are the dark comedy and satire. The parts where Daniel Radcliffe is finding out the human race’s deepest thoughts and desires, and while posing as a sort of devil figure having this kind of power over them. It’s an interesting concept that I’ve not really seen used as a way of showing humanity’s true colours, and really these passages are the highlights of the film for me. The whodunit element is less inspired but still entertaining, and the slices of out and out horror are well done, if a little out of place at times (see the final scene). Actually come to think of it, each individual element is well made, it’s just when they are all combined the movie loses its way a little, especially towards the end.

The performances here are all pretty good. It’s really good to see Daniel Radcliffe play a much darker character, and he once again has shown he is far more than just Harry Potter. Juno Temple and Kellie Garner are other standouts. And while the content may not always be cohesive, visually this film is exceptional, the camera work often cinematically mirroring Daniel’s position, and the scenery is gorgeous. I also enjoyed the use of the Pixies and the Dead Weather in the soundtrack, as while sometimes a pop song can take you out of your immersion, I felt like they were handled so expertly it merged seamlessly with the narrative.

Overall, I was left after the movie having enjoyed the viewing, but just a little bit disappointed, because while it was still a good movie, it could have been a great one.



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