Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Two teenage prankster types who live above a lady who is rumoured to be some form of witch, when she dies under mysterious circumstances they go to investigate, one of them gets a bite mark, and it all escalates from there.

Now, the plot to this movie is essentially three teens film themselves in a series of horror movie standard set-pieces. And to be honest I can’t quite see why this movie has been made, it would appear to be any old excuse to milk some more money from the series that already had three too many movies (this will be the fifth instalment). There really is a minimal amount of actual story. Which in horror is about excusable is the scares are delivered well. And in Marked Ones, about two thirds of the jumps are done quite well actually. The whole film is acted rather well, with Andrew Jacobs doing a pretty good job of going crazy. But the whole thing just lacks cohesion, and it is really hard to get into a film where there really isn’t a story at all.

Going into this I had really low expectations. I really liked the first Paranormal Activity, but I hated the second one. Marked Ones is a lot better than Paranormal 2, and it’s also a lot better than 2014 other main horror offerings Anabelle and Ouija. But don’t for one second think that this means it’s a good film. It’s a passable horror movie. There a couple of well-done set pieces, and generally it manages to put across claustrophobia well when it tries. It’s just a classic case of, a load of scenes that you’ve seen done way better elsewhere.

I wrote this review discounting the very last five minutes, because although I really hated those last minutes, it seemed unfair to base my whole review on one horribly misguided attempt to link this film to the first Paranormal Activity, which essentially involves the complete ruining of one of the best bits from the first instalment. That last scene aside though, this ends up a slightly worse than ok horror movie.



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