Some friends own a Ouija board. One of the friends uses it on their own, and then some bad stuff starts to happen. There really is nothing more to the plot. Although in a horror film having a simplistic plot isn’t really a problem, just as long as it is carried out with skill. There is very little skill involved here.

Really the main fault of this movie is the almost negative amounts of character development, there is a scene in which one of the friends says she is leaving work to her boss and after he says goodbye, I felt like he had just as much character development as any other person in this movie. There are some jumps, but that isn’t impressive, any sudden loud noises can make someone jump. There is just no lasting scariness at all.

As for positives, I mean it’s not offensive, which is good. But really, there is nothing to actually like here. It’s not just un-scary, but it is also horribly dull and disengaging. It’s not even that I hated it, because there simply isn’t enough there to be hated, It’s just nothing. It’s like just sleeping for an hour and a half, but without dreaming.



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