Edge of Tomorrow

Ok, so Tom Cruise has yet another Sci-Fi blockbuster, and Tom is an action hero who has to fight some aliens… wait, he’s not a war hero? He’s actually this spineless army PR guy, who is kind of useless but gets thrown into the deep end? Ok that’s pretty cool, is he convincing at all? You know what, he actually is.

Tom Cruise, on the first day of the war gets killed by one of the crazy leggy/tentacled alien guys, but then wakes up at the start of the day again. The film then commences to be a kind of cross between Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers. And it is just as fun as that would suggest. It is incredibly fast-paced and you know what, it is often very very funny. Emily Blunt plays the uber-soldier fantastically well, Brendan Gleeson – as always – does grumpy general brilliantly, and Tom Cruise is a convincing useless bloke, which you wouldn’t really expect.

When this film is at its best, it is essentially the viewer watching Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt playing some awesome video game, where they carry on resetting in order to get slightly further forward in their mission. All of this is blockbuster cinema at its best, totally gripping, not taking itself too seriously action packed fun. Going into the third act, however, I feel like Edge of Tomorrow slightly loses its way, it lacks the previous comic parts – but maybe that is to be expected – and I also felt the pace slightly dropped. Despite this though it still manages to pack a cinematic punch.

Now, people may want to compare this to Oblivion. It being the second Tom Cruise Sci-Fi flick in two years. But really Edge of Tomorrow is in another league to Oblivion. Both are visually striking, perhaps Oblivion slightly more so, but where the two start to differ is what they see themselves as. Because where Oblivion thinks it is this really clever dystopian message film, where in reality it is just Tom Cruise shooting his i-Gun around some beautiful scenery. Whereas Edge of Tomorrow knows full well that it is a relatively silly, but crazy fun blockbuster movie.

Overly then, I really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow. It’s nothing especially new, it really is just Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers. But you know what I really like that about it.



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