Dead Snow

A group of teenagers go on a winter holiday, only to find out that they are holidaying on a Nazi graveyard, these Nazis rise from the dead and start to terrorise the group. This Norwegian Zom-Com ticks all of the horror spoof boxes: Genuine scary bits, darkly humorous gore, great one liners and, of course, a chainsaw.

It may not have the mainstream appeal of something like Zombieland, but I would rank this just a highly in the subgenre. But really the two aren’t very similar, where Dead Snow harks back to the very first zombie movies like Night of the Living dead, with a low budget and a countryside setting, Zombieland is more of a modern movie. But if you are a fan of the old Zombie movies, you are going to love Dead Snow.

The winter setting is gorgeous, and when splattered in blood (which it spends most of its time being) it is a genuine spectacle. The main characters are believable, which isn’t something many horror films can claim. And while, I wouldn’t call this an especially scary movie, there are plenty of jumps in there to keep you hooked from the off.

Overall, while this isn’t quite Shaun of the Dead (what is?) it definitely makes my top 5 Zom-Com films, in fact I might even put it at number 2.



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