Ride Along

A film about enforcing patriarchal norms and Ice Cube saying Bullshit a lot. Not selling it to you? How about Kevin Hart shrieking about guns? Still not? Oh. Well that’s it. That’s the film.

Kevin Hart is dating the sister of Ice Cube, and as we all know, if Kevin Hart is going to propose he needs to get permission from her brother. Ice Cube then decides to test whether Kevin is worthy of his sister, by taking him on a ride along, in which they get up to high jinks, eventually getting mixed up in a crime ring or something.

So, is there anything good about this film? If you like the way Ice Cube says bullshit, then there is, yeah. However that’s where it ends. If you can ignore the patriarchal atrocity of a central idea (I personally can’t), then you would have thought you’d have a chance at enjoying this film. You won’t. It isn’t funny. The timing of the jokes is all off, even people who liked this movie have stated that Ice Cube’s performance is off. Yes, that’s Ice Cube the rapper’s performance being worse than usual.

Really, there is nothing more to say about this film. It’s just rubbish.



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