You remember that creepy looking doll from the Conjuring? Well, now she has her own film! And it is much much worse. Set as a prequel come spin off from the Conjuring Annabelle is a doll who is possessed by a woman from a cult who tries to kill the two main characters. This doll then with the help of a demon starts to haunt the house and the people in it.

Now the Conjuring was no master piece, but it was a decent enough horror film, which started off with some genuine suspense moments, but – as is so often the case – it got a little bit rubbish in the second half. Overall though not a bad movie. However not only is Annabelle no masterpiece, it is also no Conjuring.

It starts off as a kind of paranormal activity, but without actually being found footage, using the same kind of camera angles and moving objects in the corner of your eye. And that is no bad thing, as I am quite a big fan of the first Paranormal Activity, the trouble is the reason Paranormal was so god damn creepy was that it felt like there were two real people in this house, and you believed in their fear. In Annabelle, it’s not that the characters are unbelievable, it’s more that there are no characters at all. Neither main character has a single personality trait, and that ends up disengaging you from the suspense. Despite this during the first half I could see some horror potential, the lift scene could be quite scary, if it was done better and the characters existed. However past about half way in, Annabelle turns stupid. Bring on the goat headed demon bloke. Calling your monster a demon is fine, loads of films do it. But whatever you do don’t try and show the viewer. The film turns into a kind of unironic Drag me to Hell, which incidentally is far scarier than this.

Overall, if you are looking for a film to just watch and get a few scares out of, this probably isn’t for you. I am quite easily scared by movies, but this had maybe one actual scare in it, if we are being generous. I’d avoid this one if I were you.



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