Top 5 Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is probably the best recent director to appear on the film scene, and his films has essentially defined the 00’s and 10’s. Whether it’s his re-invention of the superhero film, or his mind-bending psychological thrillers, Nolan is one of the very best. And here are his very best.

  1. The Prestige (2006)

A tale of two competing magicians, this has all the things people have come to love from a Nolan film. Twisty plots, mixed up timelines and fantastic performances are all here. It’s a thrilling tale of two flawed main characters trying to one up each other, but in doing so losing sight of what they were trying to achieve in the first place.

  1. Memento (2000)

One of the most confusing and brilliant uses of time in a film ever, this was Nolan’s first mainstream release feature film. Starring Guy Pearce and Trinity off The Matrix, this is a film where you really can’t go to the toilet during a viewing. It’s also a proper re-watchable movie, one that you are going to want to watch all over again directly after the first time you see it.

  1. Interstellar (2014)

The fact that a film this brilliant, is only third in the list tells you a lot about Christopher Nolan. This is undoubtedly the biggest most colossal Nolan film, and to be honest it might even be the most colossal film I have ever seen. The scenery is absolutely breath-taking, and the performances are brilliant. A must watch.

  1. The Dark Knight (2008)

Nolan first reinvented the superhero genre with Batman Begins, but this is the masterpiece of the series. The visuals are superb, the acting is absolutely incredible and it has the best villain in a movie ever. Heath Ledger puts in a beautifully unhinged and sinister shift as the Joker managing to eclipse the efforts of Jack Nicholson, which is not something that you hear very often. Countless films have tried to reproduce the mastery of The Dark Knight. None have succeeded.

  1. Inception (2010)

The most head spinning, the most emotional the most thrilling. Inception is a true work of genius. Bringing with it not just one near perfect film, but opening the door for a stream of incredible Sci-Fi movies, including Nolan’s own Interstellar. Never before had a blockbuster made audiences think so hard, and been so exciting at the same time. I cannot think of a better movie fight than in the changing gravity corridor scene. You know what, I can’t think of a better modern blockbuster.


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