The Other Woman

Three female stereotypes team up to defeat the sleazy scumbag man that has been playing them. You would have thought, given the idea behind this film that it would head down a female empowerment route. You would have thought wrong.

Cameron Diaz is a no-nonsense super smart lawyer who wears suits (because she’s clever) who is dating this attractive man. Turns out, this man is actually married to Leslie Mann who is a housewife who is completely useless at everything apparently. The two find out that they are being played, and after an initial argument, they become friends. Only to later find out that the scumbag is also dating Kate Upton.

Now, before you say it, yes this is John Tucker must die. It’s a carbon copy of the plot, minus the tongue in cheek charm. And any jokes that were even slightly humorous in John Tucker. It’s not a funny film. I laughed more at Sex Tape, and I didn’t laugh at Sex Tape. It’s not even cringe worthy because you literally don’t care about the characters enough to even sense an emotion. It is just horribly unfunny.

Now, for the characterisations. They are vile. I’m actually shocked they managed to get away with this, well not shocked but disappointed, I suppose. Of the three Kate Upton’s is the most offensive – She’s pretty, has boobs and is blonde, and thus must be thick – just as an example to show the level of this stereotyping, there is a scene where they are all using binoculars, and for comic effect Kate Upton is using them the wrong way round. Yes, it is really that bad. Leslie Mann ticks every pathetic housewife box, and Cameron Diaz does the same with the woman who wears suits category. All of this would be nearly excusable if they all worked together to give a good overall message. But really throughout the film women are portrayed as weak and shallow, where men are portrayed as clever and successful.

However Nicki Minaj is in it, and she is really cool. And for that I’m going to have to give it a point.



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