You all saw the trailers: Tom Cruise, in space! Does this movie amount to anything more than a Hollywood star traipsing around some incredible cgi settings? Only Just.

Essentially this movie is split up into three distinct parts, each owing their ideas to other movies. Act one is essentially Wall-e, with Tom Cruise having to look after the earth after all the humans have gone. Act two, owes a lot to Moon, with its ideas of conspiracy and not knowing who you are. And the third act is pretty much the final scene from A New Hope, complete with exploding large space shape, and rejoicing rebels on a planet below. There are other movie nods throughout.

There are positives. It looks incredible. It is properly visually stunning, all of the apple-esque high tech stuff, and the sweeping post-apocalypse earth shots are incredible. The trouble with this movie is, you can’t help but feeling you have seen it all before, and not just that you’ve seen it (because some of the stuff is on paper fantastic) but you’ve seen it done better before. The lone man uncovering a conspiracy in space was dealt with better in Moon. The space chase fight scenes, although with worse special effects, was handled better in Star Wars. Even the lone ranger cleaning up the earth, was done better in Wall-e. Also I couldn’t help but feel like Olga Kurylenko’s only role was to be in peril, and thus give Tom Cruise some “development”, which is disappointing for such a modern movie.

So why watch this movie? Well it is enjoyable enough for its duration, it manages to maintain interest pretty much throughout. Tom Cruise plays Tom Cruise admirably, and Melissa Leo does a good job of the voice from above. But really, feel no rush to watch this, you won’t regret it if you do, but equally you won’t regret it if you don’t.



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